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Dance Excellence | August, 1-7, 2021

COVID Safety Protocols

Dance Excellence will follow all local and state recommendations as well as

CDC guidelines for Dance Excellence 2021.  All protocols are subject to change.

  • All DE Faculty and Staff will show Negative COVID test (within 72 hours of beginning work) or Vaccination Card before beginning work at the event.

  • All DE Faculty and Staff will be temperature checked each morning.

  • All DE Faculty and Staff will be required to wear masks at all times during classes, performances and event areas. 

  • All DE Participants (Directors, Dancers, Parents, siblings and guardians) will be required to provide a Vaccination Card or Negative COVID test before entering the event on Sunday, August 1. Tests results must be dated no earlier than Thursday, July 29.

  • All DE attendees (including parents/guardians) will receive a daily temperature check before entering any DE space.

  • All DE attendees (including parents/guardians) will be required to provide and wear their own face masks at all times, including during workshop classes and events. Face shields are not approved as a substitute for masks.  

  • DE will encourage social distancing guidelines in all ballrooms, classrooms and performances. Dance spaces will be marked on the floor and seating will be spaced per group.

  • All classroom doors will remain open to reduce touch points. The faculty will rotate between rooms and the dancers will remain in the same classrooms for the day.

  • All attendees will be encouraged to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day, as recommended by the CDC. Hand sanitizer will also be available for use multiple times per day. Please also bring your own hand sanitizer in your dance bag.

  • We will offer a hands free QR code for the Schedule, Banquet Program and special event information so that we can eliminate the use of paper.

  • Los Angeles currently has no occupancy limits for our event, but DE will maintain limited capacity and follow social distancing guidelines for all indoor spaces.

  • To reduce the number of people in classrooms, Mothers and Others will not be allowed to observe as in previous years. One adult representative per studio will be allowed in each class level, in addition to Studio Owners and Adult Studio Teachers. Studio owners will be issued 3 special ID lanyards as the Studio Chaperone for each classroom (1 for Yellow class, 1 for Orange class, 1 for Red class) and will manage these credentials each day.

  • DE has partnered with the Hilton Hotel Universal City to meet local safety regulations and will review additional cleanliness and safety policies. The Hilton Hotel Universal City follows the Hilton CleanStay protocols including Social Distancing, Sanitizing between customers, Hand sanitizer provided, Staff checked daily for symptoms, staff wears masks, staff wears gloves, follows required limited capacity guidelines, and contactless payments.

  • All DE merchandise transactions will be cashless. There will be a no try-on & no exchange policy for all merchandise.

  • There will not be water stations in classrooms as previously. Please bring a sturdy re-usable water bottle from home labeled with your name for easy identification throughout the week.


International Performance Boards Specific Policies


  • Masks will be required to be worn onstage during IPB performances. If this restriction is lifted or can be adjusted, we will update you.

  • Dancers will be encouraged to dress and prepare for their performances in their sleeping rooms and arrive at the stage ready. Dressing room will be available for quick changes only.

  • One studio representative per entry will be required backstage to check music before performance begins.

  • All studio representatives backstage will be required to wear a mask.

  • No parents or additional spectators will be allowed backstage.

  • We will allow audience members for International Performance Boards. All audience members will be required to wear a mask.



Universal Studios City Walk Performance Specific Policies


  • At this time, masks will be required on stage during your performance.  If this restriction is lifted, we will update you.



Awards Ceremony Specific Policies


  • Dancers will not gather onstage for awards.

  • Awards will be distributed before the close of the Awards Banquet evening  to Studio Owners.

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